Sunday, February 28, 2010

Atlanta, Georgia

We've been to Atlanta several times and these are a few of our favorite places.

We stayed at Hotel Indigo in Midtown (dogs allowed) and in easy walking distance to a lot of great restaurants and close to downtown. I loved the decor and the only slightly negative thing was that our room was a little small for two people and two dogs and the bathroom was tiny. But most people don't travel with big dogs so this is an issue only for a few!

CNN's Wall of History - @ 100 CNN Center in Downtown Atlanta. The Wall of History is an amazing way to look at our recent history. From there it's an easy walk through the Olympic Park to the Coco-Cola Factory.


I'm in there somewhere (this was at a conference showing the importance of authenticity in tours:)

Trader Joes - Why can't I buy Two Buck Chuck in Mississippi? Sigh.

The World of Coco-Cola Museum - One of my all-time favorite museums. After watching a really cute film about the Happiness Factory (where Coke is made), you can meet (and hug!) the Coca-Cola Polar Bear.  At the end of the tour you can taste Coke products from around the world - I LOVED the Asain station but not such a fan of the European one. Who would have thunk it?


Margaret Mitchell's House - I could not pass up the opportunity to go by the house of one of my favorite authors! We didn't have time to do the guided tour but they let us walk around and watch the most amazing documentary on the filming of the movie Gone With The Wind. I think I left a piece of my heart there.


On the way to the World of Coke from the CNN Center, we walked through Centennial Olympic Park. I think we would have stayed longer but it was cold winter day (but beautiful)!


Ikea - No need to explain this.

Was NOT impressed with...

The Varsity - Papa Carrel grew up in Atlanta and just loved this place and it's one of those places that you always hear about as a landmark, yada yada ya, BUT just snap a picture and don't was your money (or calories). It is the world's largest drive-in restaurant and it's 83 years old (almost the same age as PC)!

Georgia Aquarium - Most of the conference participants agreed that the Aquarium just wasn't authentic to downtown Atlanta. For one, most of the world's best Aquarium's are near water. What an idea to have big fish near real big water! The place seemed unorganized and over-priced. But I'm sure it's something little kids would love. And there seemed to be lots of kids having fun.

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