Friday, August 25, 2017

Eclipse and Hershey

What a week! We kicked off the week with the total solar eclipse (it totally lived up to all the hype!) and then drove to Hershey, PA for one of Ryan's fellowship interviews.

My pictures don't do it justice at all! At 2:38 on Monday afternoon the sky got dark, the night time bugs starting chirping and outside nighttime lights flicked on. And then a few minutes later it was back to looking like a normal afternoon! The moon over the sun was something amazing to see and almost indescribable! 

Ryan's flight from Iowa City was delayed and so he was a day later getting home. Caroline, Duncan and I picked him up at the airport in Charlotte and then we headed towards Pennsylvania. It was a long drive and the 8.5 hours turned to 16 thanks to the most unbelievable traffic jams all along interstate 81 in Virginia.

Sheninagnas at a Wendy's somewhere along the way. My yoga mat makes a good way to let Duncan stretch out. And all he wanted to do was stand.

I both love and hate the Wave App...this is was we were stuck in for hours. There were children playing catch on the side of the interstate!

We stayed with our friends Brian and Bettina who have just moved to the area for his fellowship.

Bettina and I took Caroline and Duncan to Hershey World. It was really crowded and although they don't look happy in these pictures, we had a great time!

Next we checked out Cocoa Castle playground. It was hot and we didn't last long!

These two are the best little travelers! We turned Duncan's seat around for the ride home hoping he wouldn't get as hot.

A stop somewhere along the way at the neatest little park...along with more Wendy's.

Cool shades!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Lazy Weekend

Happy Eclipse Monday! In my opinion this whole eclipse thing has been way over blown but since Al Roker is in South Carolina to mark to the event, it must be a big deal!

We had a low key weekend that involved a lot of not doing too much. Which was very much needed! 

Saturday morning we took a bike ride around the neighborhood and stopped by the park.

Saturday evening we headed downtown and ate at Ink 'n Ivy. Ryan left bright and early on Sunday morning for Iowa City for a fellowship interview.

Early mornings are for are snuggles! We went for a long walk before it got too hot and ended up at another park.

Our friend Hannah Beth had her first birthday party on Sunday afternoon at the YMCA. She's got a bandage on her arm from a bad burn and so everyone decorated socks and wore bandages too!

Caroline loves to brush her teeth. Which is actually her just walking around with her tooth brush. Duncan does not look forward to this time as much. I don't think the toothbrush actually got in his mouth last night. But at least we remembered to try!

Hope your week is off to a good start!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Five for Friday

1. On Monday we tried a Kindermusik class at the bookstore downtown. I captured the only moment they were both still and quickly decided this type of class is meant for one-on-one interaction.

2. Popsicles on the swing quickly turned to popsicles on the porch when it starting thundering.

3. After PT on Wednesday morning we headed to the pool. They are happy to splash on the steps for the most part but after awhile want to swim (i.e. me carry both of them walking in the pool while they kick and splash). 

4. Cake pops make for the perfect pick-me-up before OT. Duncan ate his in under two minutes and was very neat about it. Caroline took three times as long and got it everywhere. I was so glad we were in the Kidnetics lobby and not in my living room!

5. My happy reader. Since she was tiny Caroline has been content to sit and look at books. Now she has most of our favorites memorized and can tell you the whole story. 

Hope you have a good weekend! We're hoping to spend some time outside on Saturday before it gets too hot. And this whole town is going crazy over Monday's full eclipse. Our news is calling Monday 'Eclipse Monday' and there are parties all over town. And most offices are closing at noon or not opening at all. Since it happens in the middle of naptime, I'm not quite sure what we're going to do! But we've got our safety glasses ready!